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Fall colours of Pitlochry, Scotland

Three years back, it was exactly around this time I was in Perthshire. Even today as I re-post this old article of mine, I am reminded of the most wonderful time I had in the vast expanses of the Scottish countryside. As I reminisce over the old and happy days, I can only wish there will be a time in the near future when I can go back to these safe heavens, the memories of which soothe my senses even on the darkest days. I hope you enjoy the Fall Colors of Pitlochry.

According to Ben Ross, the head of Telegraph Travel’s, the spine of Scotland is one of the most scenic roads in the world. It commences at Falkirk and goes all the way up to Thurso, the northernmost point in Scotland. During fall, the road passes through a landscape ablaze in fall colours. In Perthshire, fall sets in by the end of September and the entire county is submerged in a hue of yellow, orange, red and green. There is an abundance of autumnal produce; elderberries, blackberries and hawthorne berries begin to ripen and the hazelnut trees shed their nuts before the onset of winter. Autumn heralds the growth of wild mushrooms and the white and round puffballs begin to appear in the fields and hedgerows. Hedgehogs go into hibernation and the red squirrels get ready for the bleak and frosty winters.

IMG_2203Fall colours of Perth

Pitlochry, a quaint Victorian town…

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The Call of Arandüil | Poetry

Source : On darker days, when sorrow sets in And heart beats fill the boundless void, Alone - with no love, no hope, no kin - The inner demons leave my soul destroyed. Troubled and heavy-laden, I roam the woods Amidst the towering pines of Arandüil. Its solitude comforts my troubled moods. My respite… Continue reading The Call of Arandüil | Poetry

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Beautiful Bavaria| Königssee, Obersee and Alpsee

" In this part of the world, it is peaceful and quiet; there is tranquility in the gentle waters and the green is greener than the rolling meadows in springtime. Wild, untamed and free, Bavaria hosts some of the most beautiful glacial lakes, nestled at the foothills of the Alpine ranges. With the passing of time, word has spread of the many picturesque locations, and this in turn has drawn travellers such as myself to the premises of three of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria. "