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Art, Architecture, Aesthetics| Paris| France

“ As a child caught up in my romantic fantasies, I had always envisioned my honeymoon at Paris. I could think of nothing more romantic than taking a cruise down river Seine at night while the ferry cruises past the illuminated Eiffel Tower, the embellished Renaissance buildings dating back to the 17th century, under the arching bridges and by the gothic towers of the majestic Notre Dame with its giant church bells striking hourly.  ”

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The Adorned Dead| Sedlec Ossuary| Kutná Hora

“ The Bone Church at Kutna Hora reverberates the Christian message that advocates for equality of humans in the sight of God. Once striped bare, the differences are none.  In troubled times, irrespective of one's religious or non-religious affiliations, the greater message conveyed by the indistinguishable piles of bones holds true. ”

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A Castle in the Clouds| Somerset |England

“ I am a phantom from the middles ages; a warrior and a survivor; a guardian and a defender of my land and people. I am a manifestation of the eras long bygones; I am your past, a living embodiment of your tumultuous, scarring and unforgettable history. I am a castle in the clouds; I am the castle at Dunster. ”