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Back to the Shire| Yorkshire| England

The dales before me brightly stood

Cloaked in green with life;

Beckoned to me in my deepest sleep;

Comforted me in dark times.

To you, I come after many long years

When the August sun shines bright. 

The whisper of the gentle breeze 

Has set my spirits alight.

Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Selside
Todmorden, Stoodly Pike

I take one look at meadows green

And breathe a heavy sigh;

I hide my face and shed a tear

And in it there was no lie.

Love’s eye, so vexed with love unceasing

Has smitten me in my weakest spot.

I am here where it all started –

I have come to reclaim what I had lost.

Huddersfield, Marsden
Huddersfield, Marsden

The Pen-y-Ghent in blue and green 

Stood before me in a diffused light;

The ups and downs of its flattened crown

Rose to a sheer majestic height.

The English sun came shining down

On the dales and vales and fells.

Lo! and behold! this is an enchanted land;

It is here where my heart dwells!

Pen – y -Ghent

On and on I walked the path

That many before me have trod.

The jagged rocks and those clever twists –

Alas! it is with danger fraught!

Little by little, I traveled far

And conquered tricky climbs.

The isolation grew and silence befell;

I had lost the sense of time.

Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Selside

The clocks of time forgets and kills

Memories that lie beyond the shore;

I’ll never let it chime away my precious hours;

I’ll silence its ticks for evermore.


Oh Yorkshire! the shire of Frodo and Sam;

Here, the hobbits thrive.

The forbidden love of Cathy and Heath

amidst all perils survive!

The Brandywine river, the village of Bree;

Came true before my eyes.

In fantasy, in reality –

Yorkshire is, with beauty, rife.

Huddersfield, Marsden

I came across a lone pool of Life

From the ancient days of yore;

Where magic lives and weaves dark tales

of Celtic legends and folk lores.

In a sudden flight, I took a leap

Into the waters blue.

The sacred pool has healed my soul.

Now, I live anew.

Clapham cum Newby – Chapel-le-Dale

The untamed moors, the wilderness

Is my true home under the stars.

I travel on, past lands and seas

And reach my home afar.

And when I’m weary, weak and dreary

Surviving life’s tempestuous tests;

I come back to thee with joyful glee;

Near you, my heart finds rest.


© Copyright: The post Back to the Shire| Yorkshire| England  first appeared on The Ecstatic Storyteller. The author reserves the right to the content and the pictures.

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