Czech Republic, Prague, Travel

A Walk to Remember| Charles Bridge| Praha

“Like any other traveller to the city of Prague, I have crossed the Charles Bridge many number of times, at different hours of the day, in both spring and winter. Each time, I see something different, something unique, something that lingers in my mind's eye even as I sit down to write this post. ”

Britain, Exmoor, Travel

A Castle in the Clouds| Somerset |England

“ I am a phantom from the middles ages; a warrior and a survivor; a guardian and a defender of my land and people. I am a manifestation of the eras long bygones; I am your past, a living embodiment of your tumultuous, scarring and unforgettable history. I am a castle in the clouds; I am the castle at Dunster. ”

Berlin, Germany, Travel

A Knight’s Tale| Lyrisches Intermezzo| Berlin

“ I must have answered in affirmative for there we were, hands clasped, moving in slow paced circles, holding our breaths each time the voice hit the high notes with much ease and perfection. The reflection of the two figures, barely distinguishable, danced the same dance on the jubilant waters of Spree. He was no stranger to the words and closed his eyes every time the voice produced one of its impassioned and heart-wrenching vibrattos.  ”

Arashiyama, Bamboo Forest, Japan, Kyoto, Travel

The call of the forest| Arashiyama| Japan

“ Arashiyama, a good distance from the city centre is a place of retreat for lovers of  Buddhist-Shinto shrines, arching  bridges, hand-made soba noodles, and of course, the much renowned bamboo grove. A place of scenic beauty, the undulating terrain of Arashiyama is surrounded by low lying mountain ranges and forest reserves. ”

Poland, Travel, Warsaw

Old Town, World War and Chopin| Warsaw|Poland

“ Walking my way towards the old town square, I crossed the presidential palace and stopped for lunch at a Polish dumpling joint. The faint notes of Chopin's Fantasie impromptu could be heard all around the place and the entire town square was drowned in the prowess of his melancholic and passionate composition. ”