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Summer Nights and Neon Lights|Dōtonbori| Osaka

“ I have had a strange fascination with city lights for as long as I can remember. If you share any such oddities, the mere sight of the remarkable outbursts of Neon lights from the Dotonbori bridge is sure to keep you enthralled and in awe of the Osaka nightlife.  ”

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Many paths, one summit – Mount Fuji.

“ Closer to the 7th station, we were a witness to the great number of stars, planets and other celestial bodies that share the same universe, the same fabric of space and time with our home planet. Higher up, we could see the Great Rift of the Milky Way that stretches for long distances across the night sky. It was tiring but the city lights from the Yamanashi prefecture and the starry starry night lifted our drowsy spirits and tired senses. ”